Before It’s Gone / Take It Back “is a celebration of Brooklyn life as it is now with all its rich diversity and history. We’re not interested in a Brooklyn that is homogeneous, without flavor, texture or color. Where only rich white people who can afford luxury condos can dwell. Gentrification destroys culture, displaces low-to-middle income people of all nationalities, takes away all that is uniquely beautiful about New York.”

This is a very cool multi-pronged, intersectional project. Before It’s Gone (B4G) has a well-curated website of legal resources for tenants, accessible information about ways to take action, links to neighborhood-specific organizations and community meetings, and an active blog including recent victories in efforts to secure affordable housing for the diverse communities of Brooklyn.

My favorite part of the site is B4G’s call for long-term residents to share stories, photos of important local events of the past, and anything else that documents the complex history of the borough. Collective remembering and record-keeping is part of resisting the homogenizing erasure that happens with gentrification. Let’s all host more anti-colonial story events, fr

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